Press Kit

Autor: Mike Moales

Your press kit should include:

• Effective packaging that screams, "Open me!"

• One 8×10 BW glossy photo of the band or artist, preferably suitable for use in a newspaper or on a poster

• A One-sheet - about you and your CD with the UPC code of your CD

• A band bio, including a brief history of the band and anything especially interesting about the band members.

• A set list - be sure to note which tunes appear on your CD.

• Your band's business card

• A sample press release

• Copies of any reviews, tapes of Interviews, or any other media exposure

• A copy of a recent newsletter

• Any postcards, tri-fold brochures, or other promotional material that you use on a regular basis

• A calendar showing where you've been recently and where you're booked in the near future

• A CD

• A sample contract (blank)

• At least one of any stickers, buttons, or other stuff you have with your band's name and/or logo on it.

In short, your press kit is a collection of every promotional item you ever made, or at least the best ones, conveniently packaged into one easy to distribute set. Each of the items in the kit, with the exception of the cover letter, should be able to stand on its own and still be effective.

Together, they create a dynamic force so powerful that it is capable of world domination, or at least getting you a decent gig. Take your pick. It's important that each item in your press kit can stand on it's own. Things get separated, envelopes can get things spilled on them. You never know which piece of paper the booking agent or club manager is going to pick up. Be sure that everything has your complete contact information on it. Remember, these people don't like problems. Don't let getting in touch with you be a problem.

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