Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer - Legend Overdrive Pedal

Author: Brandon Roy

In most of the first TS-808 pedals, a JRC4558 is found (a Japanese or, more rarely, a Texas Instrument chip RC4558P). Today, the TS-808 period, it is possible to find each have evolved quite different and there is not a single color of TS-808. They were also in the range of another Tube Screamer Reference: TS-9. Basically, its success reflects the fact that the circuit is almost identical to that of its big brother; carrying the same chip: JRC4558. The difference was in the processing of the exit and this provided a sound pedal a little less hot and brighter

A TS-808 and a TS9 period.

Today of course, it is difficult to find an original model. Copies are expensive, are not necessarily all good quality according to the elements (including the famous bullet) that compose it and are quite fragile. So why go for such a sound? Manufacturers have obviously proposed models to meet the common mortals. Ibanez, of course, has proposed its first reissue of TS-808 in 2004. Using capacitors and chips of origin; calibrated to meet the output characteristics of the old pedal, and this gives a pedal manufacture high-end sound very vintage.

The second mark important to propose a reissue is the hallmark Maxon. In fact Maxon was born as a result of the judgement (temporary) of manufacturing pedals by Ibanez in the Nisshin plant in Japan. The plant produced pedals for many brands and decided to then disseminate its own products. We have therefore to do the same. engineers who carried out the original TS-808. At Maxon, OD808 take the best of the original TS-808 optimizing the noise and changing ergonomics and durability. Purists will notice that some components have been changed, but this is particularly to improve the signal to noise ratio. The result is there, the sounds are ultra typed.

The same brand also proposes a revision of the TS-9 aptly named OD9. The pedal Maxon OD9 proposes the same thing on his soeurette: namely, the single chip JRC4558; perfectly selected, but optimizing the original circuit. Especially in this case by integrating the chip that creates the distortion overdrive in the amplification of the pedal and not in a separate floor. The resulting sound is natural and incredibly responsive Thursday The result is absolutely unique.

Both pedals have been the story of the greatest guitarists of 80 years. Stevie Ray Vaughan, for example, was accustomed to boost its clear sounds with a TS-808 with the drive to 0 and volume thoroughly turned up. Or make a single reaction by placing 2 TS-808 together. as a result for the second pedal sending a more pronounced reaction to Thursday's bluesman.

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