Das Equipment der Stars

Hier bekommt ihr einen Überblick über die Gitarren, Effekte und Amps der Bluesgrössen. Wenn ihr also klingen wollt wie z.B. Stevie Ray Vaughan, findet ihr hier alle Infos über die Instrumente und Effekte die er benutzte. Aus Zeitgründen habe ich die Tabelle nicht extra übersetzt. Aber ihr werdet es schon verstehen ;-)

Artist Guitars Amps Effects Strings

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mainly all Fender Stratocasters, escpecailly the 60th Strats with Rosewood fingerboard. 
and Special Fender Pick-ups. The new Texas Special and the Tex-Mex Pick-ups come very close to his original pick-ups!
He had too many to mention here. Mainly he used Fender Super Reverbs, Fender Vibrolux Reverbs, a Marshall Major PA, Marshall JCM 900 and Fender Bassman. Ibanez TS-808, TS-10 and TS-9 Tube Screamers, Vox Wahs, Vox Crybaby, Fender Viratone, Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face and Tycobrahe Octavia  He always used very thick strings to get his full sound!

Gary Moore

Fender Stratocaster from 1960/61

Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway, about 1998

Gibson Les Paul Standard, about 1959

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer, Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker, Vox Reissue Wah  Wah, Ibanez PC10 Prime Dual Chorus, Ibanez Delay III - DDL20, Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator Gary Moore exclusivly uses Marshall Amps.

Eric Clapton (Cream/Bluesbreakers)

Different Gibson Les Paul Standards 
1964 ES-335
Gibson ES 335
Gibson Firebird
Vox wah; various Fuzz Pedals; Vox Ac-30 Marshall JTM-45 100-watt heads with four Marshall 4 x 12 cabinets.

Eric Clapton

1956 Sunburst Strat
Combination of 3 strats; 
all without whammy bars
Strings: Ernie Ball .09 or .010

Jimi Hendrix

Two ´68 Fender Stratocasters with maple necks, one blonde and one black. Vox wah wah pedal; Roger Mayer Octavia; Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face; Univox Uni-Vibe; Uni-Vibe Expressioon pedal. Two Marshall 100-watt Super leads Amps with two Marshall 4 x 12 cabinets with J.B. Lansing 12OF-6  Signature Speakers Strings: .09 or .010

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Fender Stratocasters:
White "Proto type" Fender 1961  Relic Strat 
1954 Reissue Strat
1958 Tobacco  Strat
Jimi Hendrix Montery Strat
Tobacco Burst Relic Strat
Black Relic Strat

1930's National Resophonic Dobro
Guild Accoustic
1991 Re-Issue Fender Twin
2 Fender Tone Master Heads
Fender Vibrosonic w/15"
60's Issue Original Fender Twin (Main Amp)
Ibanez TS808 and TS-9 Tube Screamers
Boss TU-12H Anolog Tuner
VOX Wah-Wah
Dunlop Uni-Vibe
Shure Wireless Rackmount
"Snuff" Box
Ernie Balls 0.11 Strings

Jonny Lang

1998 Fender Telecaster American 
1997 Fender Telecaster American
1957 Fender Esquire
1969 Reissue Telecaster
Fender Tonemaster Vox Wah-Wah 
H&G Rotosphere


Johnny Winter

Gibson Firebird with with 2 single-coil pickups
National resonator guitars
2 Music Man 4x10s 100 watts and a Boss CE2 chorus pedal Uses thumb-pick for acoustic 
Open E-Tuning for Slide Guitar
Strings: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042.

Alvin Lee

Gibson 335 with Kahler tremolo arm and nut lock Marshall Jubilee 2550, 50/100 watts

Jeff Beck

Signature Strat Fender Amps Digitech GSP-21 Strings: .011, .013, .017, .028, 039, .046

Albert King

Gibson Flying V, strung R/H & played L/H Strings: Light .009 - 050
played with thumb

B.B. King

Gibson Lucille ES-355 thinline semi-acoustic /w addes varitone. Fender Twin Gibson Strings: 010 .013 .017p .032w .045w .054w

Freddie King

Gibson thinline semis ES-335, ES-345 and ES-355. Fenders Twin and Quad Reverbs  

Buddy Guy

Fender Stratocasters 50s and Signature Series
Guild Starfire and Nightingale
Gibson ES-335 and Gibson SG
Fender Bassman, Marshall Half stack   Pickups - 3 Gold Fender-Lace Sensor

Keith Richards

50's Fender Telecaster Fender Twin Amp Strings: .011,.015,.018,.030,.042

Muddy Waters

’57 Telecaster Fender Super Reverb normal tuning and Open-G; plastic thumb pick

Albert Collins

Blond 1966 Fender Telecaster, with Gibson Humbucker in neck position and stock tele single coil in the bridge position Fender Super Reverb Strings. 0.10