Secret Things You Learn When You Practice On Your Guitar

Autor: Peter Edvinsson 

I guess you practice on your guitar in the hope of becoming a better guitarist with the joy that follows. However, many learning processes are active when you practice on your guitar.

After reading this article I hope you will be more aware of factors that can limit your progress as a guitarist and that your guitar practice sessions will be more effective.

At times when you practice on your guitar you might find that you are nervous and don’t feel too good because you feel forced to play due to a guitar lesson coming up.

You feel that you haven’t done your homework or maybe other negative feelings are present for some reason.

The feelings you have when you practice a certain piece of music have a tendency to be evoked anew when you play the piece at another occasion.

Can tensions stick to your sheet music? Yes, in a way at least.

My experience, also confirmed when reading about this topic, is that your actual tension level when playing a musical composition on your guitar also tends to be present when you play the same piece of music in public.

In short, it will be harder to perform a piece of music in a relaxed way when you have practiced it with too much tension.

Can you learn not to play a piece of music on your guitar?

Well, You practice on your guitar in order to become a better player and maybe to learn a piece of music that you like.

The fact is that if you don’t concentrate on your guitar playing you can make a lot of mistakes when trying to learn a piece of music. These mistakes tend to slow down the learning process, or rather, they will be a part of the learning process.

The more times you make mistakes playing a particular passage on your guitar the harder it will be for you to play it right because of those earlier mistakes trying to get your attention!

Can the secret learning processes become your friends?

Can you actually use these principles to your advantage? Yes and yes! In accordance with the before mentioned dangers when practicing you can:

1. Make your guitar practicing sessions to joyful and peaceful moments in your life. The joy will follow your music to your listeners.

2. Always practice a new piece of guitar music slowly so that you can play it with a minimum of tension and with correct posture.

3. Once again, practice slowly! Then you will be able to practice a guitar piece without mistakes and you will learn faster and feel better.

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