Booking Strategies for Musicians & Performing Artists - 3 Steps to Book More Gigs

Autor: Jeri Goldstein

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Booking more gigs is a necessary but often challenging part of having a successful performing career.

Here are 3 booking strategies to help you increase the number of gigs you book.

1. Pull new contacts from old contracts: Go through your filed contracts from past gigs and instead of waiting for too much time to slip by, why not get back to the booker within days of the recently played gig and do 4 things.

1st: Thank them for the past gig.

2nd: Mention a time frame in the future when you plan on returning to the area and see if they will put a date on hold for you or actually book the date.

3rd: Ask them if they could refer you to 3 other venues, festivals or events in the region that won't interfere with your next gig at their gig, but that could help you build your audience in the area further increasing the turnout at their venue when you return. Get a name and contact information and ask if you can use their name as a reference. Now, you have an in and you won't be making a cold call.

4th: While you've got them on the phone, ask if they can give you a quote about your recent performance-you'll send them an email reminder to which they can easily reply.

2. Pull contacts from businesses you frequent: Invite the other members of your group, friends and family and possibly some close fans to a brainstorming session to come up with a creative list of potential business contacts. Always start with those you know or do business with now, or have done business with in the past. Start getting in touch with these contacts to create a working list of potential new gigs.

3. Review and use your mailing list and fan base for referrals: Add a column to your mailing list sign up sheet and ask for their occupation. Perhaps some of these fans work in positions that could help you get future gigs. Perhaps some can give you names to contact at their business or organization and then that person would be in a position to hire you for a performance event.

Rely on all the connections you have made over the years. They can provide you with a gold mine of potential new venues to play, turning those dreaded cold calls into more pleasant referral calls, paving the way to getting more gigs using more successful booking strategies.

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