How to Promote Your Music Online

Autor: Ashwin Ram

Music promotion is not such an easy task to master. In fact it is one of the biggest barrier present for an indie musician. There are literally tons of good musicians out there, but what is stopping them from success and fame? It's their promotion. Don't think for a second just because you are signed to a big record label, you will be next Justin Timberlake. Even big record labels can sometimes struggle to promote certain musicians and there have been a lot of cases where artists voluntarily choose to go independent so they can solely promote their music and be free of any contract.

Stop dreaming about getting "signed" - it's time to put the power in your hands. Indie music distribution is the wave of the future. And here is the good news, you are in total control. Don't think for one second that have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to drop your CD if you are independent? Think again. There are lots of companies that will get you started for next to nothing. You only pay for what you sell and they do all the leg work for you.

There are websites that you can visit today that takes your music online - turns it into a professional CD - and even takes your orders. They also ship, they print, they process orders ... - heck, everything but making your song and cooking your breakfast. There are places online which let's you upload your song once and gets you listed in the top digital distribution sites in seconds. The point is online music promotion and distribution is much easier than you think. And iTunes is far from the only game out there - there are dozens of places to list your music that you've probably never heard of.

Social networking is another avenue you can use to produce amazing results. Armed with a little knowledge, you can propel your online presence within a matter of days and get tons of free publicity and traffic coming through to your site. Not only has the Internet begun to dominate the promotion of music, it has also begun to dominate its distribution as well. iTunes, by 2006, reportedly have more than a million song downloads per DAY. That was back in 2006. (Hint: Its 2008 now).

Online downloads are projected to surpass CD sales some time in 2010. This is just brilliant news for indie musicians. For you all aspiring musicians out there, jump online, ride this 100-ton marketing guerrilla and take use of the excellent opportunity internet presents to everybody.

At Online Music Promotion we teach Indie Musician's, the marketing side of things that needs to be done to get your Music out there.

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